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What Really is the Attraction of Kundan Jewellery?

Attraction of Kundan Jewellery

Just look at a culture’s previous accomplishment may reveal a great deal about it. And what comes immediately to mind when victory and tradition are combined? What do we fashionistas think of first? Evergreen trends like Kundan jewellery have become heritage mainstays for us today thanks to jewels, diamonds, and a long ancestry. Kundan jewellery has always held a particular place in our hearts as the pride of every Indian!

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Consider marriages. Parties! Visits to the temple! You’ll never be able to locate a Kundan masterpiece that doesn’t complement your outfit. Take a look at how stunningly exquisite this Kundan and agate beads necklace is. In fact, during the wedding season, the number of people searching for Kundan jewellery on the internet soars to the point where jewellery designers can’t keep up.

Is Kundan bridal jewellery so popular because of the enriching tradition she brings with her, or because of the precision handiwork? We’ve been wondering the same thing, and it turns out it’s a confluence of things that combine to generate this endearing desire for genuine Indian jewellery.

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Kundan is also one of India’s oldest prides, thanks to the royals who adopted the style as their own. However, in the earlier, Indian was a melting pot of civilizations, with people from all over the world believing in the value of sharing! As a result, a style that was brought to India centuries ago acquired its own royal history, flourishing during the Rajput and Mughal eras! With such a fascinating history, it’s no surprise that we Indians were captivated by this jewellery style, which may still make you feel like the queen you are!

The elaborate, precision patterns that have enchanted Indians for millennia are what gave this gorgeous jewellery style its fame! The process of creating Kundan is as fascinating as the completed product! For years, people have been impressed by the precision work and artisanal hands that create these marvels, and the passion that goes into each item is also one of the reasons why we adore Kundan!